Easy live wallpapers for Android

ALPS(Android Live wallPaper Service) is a Unity plugin that allows you to easily create live wallpapers for android without using AndroidStudio at all. That means, you can create a Unity project with target set as Android and launch it directly as a live wallpaper all from within the Unity editor. There is no need to deal with any Java code, ALPS takes care of all that for you.

ALPS is stable, clean and customizable and provides all functionalities that live wallpapers will generally need. ALPS is also super optimized to avoid reloading wherever possible. ALPS is already being used by ValyannanApps in their latest live wallpapers.


  1. Create and launch live wallpapers directly from within Unity Editor
  2. No Java coding or AndroidStudio needed
  3. Ready made Preference classes such as ColorPicker, Slider, Spinner and more
  4. Ready made homescreen and freeform scrolling
  5. Support for Boolean UserPreference
  6. Custom theming for preference activity
  7. No reloading on rotation or if the app is already running as the wallpaper.

Here are a few screenshots from the demo app.

Above all, you will be heard. We are more than eager to hear from you to improve ALPS and make it the de-facto standard for Unity live wallpapers for Android.